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Welcome to Hudson Valley Herpetological

Thank you for visiting the Hudson Valley Herpetological (“HVH”) website. HVH is a private reptile collection and hobbyist business venture dedicated to the selective breeding of rare pythons and boa constrictors. We’ve tried to make sure this site is as informative and useful as possible, from showcasing individual animals available for sale to providing extensive species specific information about the animals in our collection. In addition, we’ve tried to include general information we think will be useful to hobbyists like ourselves, from an overview of genetics to our thoughts on the business aspects of the hobby, as well as comprehensive care and husbandry information on each of the species we work with.

An Evolving Project

Just as the animals in our breeding projects slowly evolve from generation to generation, HVH will also evolve as an enterprise. To keep track of what we’re working on and where our interests are pointing, be sure to visit our blog, The Lost Beagle. Thank you again for visiting our site, and please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.


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