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Hudson Valley Herpetological, LLC (“HVH”) is a privately owned reptile collection and business venture with roots in New York State’s Hudson River valley. Primarily focused on the captive maintenance and propagation of rare Pythons and Boas, we maintain our collection and manage our business with the follow ing principles in mind:

  • A Passion for Our Animals: Keeping and caring for any living creature requires significant responsibility. Great care has been taken in assembling our collection, and the responsibility that comes with maintaining this collection is taken very seriously.
  • Dedication to Knowledge: We strongly believe that knowledge is the key to progress. Experience is one of the best teachers, and at HVH our animals teach us something new every day. Experience has its limitations, however, and in order to gain expertise and wisdom we feel it’s extremely important to read as much as possible and talk to others who have experience we lack. In keeping with this belief, we have tried to provide as much information on this website as possible, covering a broad range of topics that we think are relevant to our visitors and to what we do. We will continue to add additional information as time goes on, and enthusiastically welcome any questions, comments, or contributions to new or existing content.
  • Selective Breeding: From our first reading of Charles Darwin’s account of selective breeding in The Origin of Species, we’ve been fascinated with evolutionary biology and the science of heredity. Understanding basic genetics and the concept of natural selection is critical to understanding who we are and where we come from, and can provide interesting insights into subjects as diverse as sports, business, politics, and the stock market. We’ve found our involvement in the captive reproduction of reptiles to be an excellent avenue for exploring the science of evolution and genetic inheritance, as well as life in general. In our breeding programs we actively select for a variety of traits, including color intensity, color duration, pattern, and feeding response. Please see the areas of our site devoted to husbandry and genetics for more information.
  • Conservation: With modern human society pushing further and faster into the worlds remaining wilderness,
    conservation of wildlife and wild lands has become an increasingly important issue. Reptiles and amphibians around the world are facing tremendous pressures, many of which are poorly understood, including global warming, pollution, habitat destruction, and over collection for the pet trade or other forms of human consumption. While the challenges are daunting, we believe there are many ways to help, including the role captive breeding can play in helping to alleviate pressures on natural populations. Please see the section of our website devoted to conservation for more details.
  • Customer Service: Customer service is the core of any business venture, and we take this responsibility very seriously. We want your interaction with us to be as smooth and easy as possible, and we make every effort to ensure you will be treated as we would like to be treated ourselves. Most importantly, however, we will always strive to be accountable. Accountability is the obligation to take responsibility for one’s promises and commitments. We promise that our animals will be honestly represented, that we will stand behind our guarantees, and that we will communicate with our customers in a prompt and professional manner. We expect to be held to these commit ments, not just by our customers, but by ourselves as well.
Experience is one of the best teachers, and at HVH our animals teach us something new every day.
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