Masters of the evolutionary game, snakes are one of the most efficiently adapted creatures inhabiting the world today. From their low risk feeding habits and often elaborate defense mechanisms to their complex relationships with humans, the world from a snake’s-eye-view is an interesting place indeed. More »


As perhaps the most important scientific discovery in human history, evolution is a critically important concept for understanding the world in which we live. More »


A basic understanding of genetics is important for successfully breeding ball pythons. We’ve tried to assemble some helpful information to get you started. More »


Reptiles around the world are under increasing pressure from habit destruction, climate change, and over collection. Please visit the conservation section of our website for more information on this very important topic. More »


We like to stay as up to date as possible with the latest herpetological research, and to that end we’ve provided links to some of the resources we routinely track. More »

Business Issues

Understanding that many reptile keepers treat their collections as small hobbyist businesses, we’ve tried to assemble some helpful information to assist you in your endeavors. More »


Please visit our blog, “The Lost Beagle,” for our ramblings on snakes, business, and life in the world of herpetoculture. More »

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