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At Hudson Valley Herpetological we like to read as much as we can about the topics that interest us. Over the years we've found reading and research to be an invaluable complement to practical experience, and we view a good reference library as an often misunderstood capital asset of extraordinary value. Below we've tried to gather together links to some of the textual resources we've found most useful, with reviews of some of the books in our library, an online bookstore, links to free online academic resources, and other useful sources of information. This page should be treated as a jumping off point for further exploration. We hope it's useful.

HVH Book Reviews

At HVH we keep an extensive herpetological library. Here you can find reviews of some of our favorite texts.

HVH Bookstore

At the HVH bookstore we've gathered together a catalog of herpetological books we've found to be helpful and think you might too.

Academic References Online

There are many useful (and free) resources online with links to herpetological academic papers. Here you'll find links to a few of our favorites.

Print Publications

There are several print journals dedicated to the study of reptiles and amphibians. Here are a few of the most important.

Useful Online Forums

Forums can be an excellent tool for improving husbandry and learning about the captive care of reptiles, but you need to be careful.

Other Online Resources

Here you'll find a collection of miscellaneous online resources related to reptiles and amphibians that we refer to from time to time.