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All animals will be honestly represented, healthy, feeding, and sexed correctly unless otherwise agreed upon. HVH has taken great pains to establish a collection of the highest quality and is committed to providing some of the finest and healthiest reptiles available anywhere. Veterinary health certificates can be included upon request but will involve additional time and incremental charges (depending on extent of testing requested). Please read the following for a full description of the HVH guarantee:

  • Sexing Policy: HVH offers a 100% guarantee that your animal has been properly sexed. For the guarantee to be valid, we must be notified of any sexing error within seven days of receipt of the animal. If it turns out a mistake has been made and we are notified within seven days, HVH will remedy the error through one of the following at the buyer’s option: (a) replace the animal in question with one of the proper sex (if available), (b) issue a credit towards another animal, or (3) issue a full refund. In each case, HVH must first receive the original animal live and in the condition it was sent out.
  • Health Guarantee: Each animal sold by HVH is guaranteed to be in 100% perfect health, unless otherwise agreed upon. We offer a seven day health guarantee on all reptiles sold. Should there be a problem we must be notified promptly within the seven day period so that we can help remedy the situation (i.e., replacement, refund, veterinary assistance). Under improper conditions, reptile health can deteriorate rapidly. Because we have no control over how reptiles are kept once they leave our facility, we regrettably cannot offer a guarantee of longer than seven days. Should a problem arise after the seven day period has expired, we will be more than happy to help guiding you to a solution and we reserve the right to extend our health guarantee beyond the seven day period at our discretion.


The pricing contained within this website is based on approximate market value at the time of posting and is subject to change. Package pricing does exist in some cases, so please contact us for details or with any questions. If you see something you like, please feel free to make an offer.

Payment Terms

Payment is to be made in full prior to shipping. We accept the following forms of payment: personal check, business check, cashiers check, money order, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. If paying by check, animals will not be shipped until the check has cleared our account. Please see the following for information on deposits and payment plans.

  • Deposits: Animals may be reserved with a 20% deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, unless we are unable to provide the animals which were reserved. After the deposit has been received, the buyer has 30 days to complete payment or the deposit will be forfeited and the animal will be put back up for sale to the general market.
  • Payment Plans / Financing: For animals that cost more than $1,000, payment plans are available. Our standard payment plan spans three months and requires a 25% non-refundable deposit, followed by three equal payments of 25% each at approxi mately 30 day intervals. If for any reason you are unable to complete the payment, you will forfeit the original 25% deposit. We will, however, refund all payments received above and beyond the original 25% deposit. The reason we must stick to this policy is that payment plans tie up animals for long periods of time that might otherwise have been sold at full value during that period. While we’re happy to work with customers to acquire animals they desire, we need to be compensated for the opportunity cost of taking available animals off the market for less than full payment. As always, depending on circumstances we reserve the right to be flexible on our standard payment plan and in most cases we are, provided you keep in touch with us and let us know where you stand in a pro-active manner. Animals reserved nder a payment plan will be fed and maintained as usual with no extra charge.

Return Policy

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase (other than health or sexing issues) you have forty eight (48) hours from the time of receipt to contact HVH for a replacement or a credit. There will be no cash refunds. Return shipping charges are the customer’s responsibility unless the animal(s) were incorrectly sexed.


HVH primarily utilizes three different shipment methods for delivering our animals: (1) FedEx Priority Overnight, (2) Delta Dash, and (3) Delta Airfreight. Generally speaking, we will not ship if the temperature doesn’t fall between 40 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. We use insulated boxes to help stabilize the temperature and use heat packs and cold packs as needed depending on weather.

  • FedEx: Most of our animals shipped domestically are sent via Fed Ex Priority Overnight directly to your door (we are an approved live animal shipper through FedEx). HVH guarantees live arrival via FedEx, provided the customer is present to receive the shipment during the planned delivery window. If an animal fails to survive the shipping process, we need to be notified immediately for the guarantee to be valid. After notification and within 24 hours, we need to see a picture of the deceased animal and arrangements must be made to ship the dead animal back to us. Once we receive the deceased animal, we will send out a replacement or issue credit towards a different animal. There are no cash refunds for losses.
  • Delta Dash: Delta Dash service is available upon request. Delta Dash insures live arrival up to $750 in value. You must pick your animals up within two hours of arrival at the airport and inspect the contents with a delta representa tive present to verify live arrival. If there is a loss, a claim must be filed with Delta before leaving the airport.
  • Delta Airfreight: Delta Airfreight services is available on request and must be booked 24 hours in advance. With Airfreight animals are declared at their full value and live arrival is guaranteed by Delta. The same conditions exist for inspecting the package and filing a claim as required by Delta Dash.
  • International Shipping: International orders are sent Airfreight only. There are several significant fees involved with international shipping, including the costs associated with obtaining CITES permits ($250), health certificates if required ($150-$250), and shipping ($150 to Canada, $400-$600 elsewhere). Because of the complexity of the inter national shipping process, our minimum order for international business is $5,000. Please contact us for further information regarding timing and process.
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